INERATEC receives around 6 million euros of funding from German Environment Ministry for e-fuel plant

Industrial power-to-liquid plant in Frankfurt to receive funding from environmental innovation program


The Karlsruhe-based Cleantech company INERATEC is building the world's first large-scale industrial production plant for synthetic fuel in Germany. This will make INERATEC the market leader for the production of e-fuels. Their use will make both shipping and aviation climate neutral.


Funding from the Environmental Innovation Program (UIP) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety for three years is a special recognition of the climate protection potential of power-to-liquid technology and supports the mission of the fast-growing company: To supply the mobility sectors and of the chemical industry with CO2-neutral fuels and base chemicals, which have so far been produced from fossil crude oil.


The production plant, which will come on stream in 2023, recycles up to 8,000 tons of CO2 from a biogas plant annually - about as much as ~750,000 trees store each year. Using green hydrogen, up to 2,500 tons of e-fuels and chemicals are produced from it each year. These will then be used in the form of e-kerosene and e-diesel in the form of e-kerosene and e-diesel, thus contributing to the CO2 neutrality of these sectors.


The expansion of production capacities is INERATEC's response to the growing needs and demands from the industry and will thus ensures the availability of synthetic fuels for the first time. Global capacities are being expanded together with partners.


INERATEC is thus making an important contribution to achieving global climate targets - sustainability "made in Germany".


Sustainable e-fuel and synthetic waxes from the INERATEC power-to-liquid plant. © Arnd Hoffmann[/caption]

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