Net zero through defossilization

Our synthetic fuels are made from recycled CO2and renewable energy. Even though combustion releases the CO2again - since the carbon is recycled, the balance remains neutral.

Transformation towards climate neutrality

E-fuels and sustainable kerosene play a crucial role for decoupling mobility from fossil fuels – especially wherever there are limitations to electrification.

Quality guaranteed

Just open the flap and fill up with carefree e-fuels. This is possible, since all the fuels we produce are drop-in capable. They can be mixed with conventional fuels and do not require any adjustments to engines, logistics or infrastructure.

Reliable outlook

CO2 and renewable energy: These two central components of our synthetic fuels can be recycled. Unlike finite fossil energy sources and raw materials. Once production is under control, availability and prices remain stable.

How to get your e-fuels

You are interested?

Are e-fuels or SAF a solution for your engines? Do you have applications where our synthetic fuels improve your carbon footprint?

You know the quantity needed?

You can estimate how many tons of alternative fuels you need per year or do you need professional exchange on the topic?

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