The new era makes
CO2 a resource.

Our Power-to-Liquid plants are scalable, modular, and can exist wherever green energy and CO2 are available.


Our plants convert renewable electricity into sustainable energy using hydrogen and CO2 extracted from point sources or the atmosphere. It’s time to plant a change and power through to the next era of energy.



In the PtL process, we convert energy from renewable sources into liquid fuel or sustainable chemical feedstock. We use green hydrogen and CO2 from point sources or the atmosphere for this purpose.

Modular, patented technology for a sustainable future

The worldwide outstanding patented synthesis technology is the core of our chemical plants. They are ideally suited for fluctuating renewable energies such as wind or solar power. With their high load flexibility, quick start-up and shut-down times are manageable.

Performance control through scaling

The modular concept of the chemical plants allows scalability over several stages. The number of reactive structures controls the performance of the chemical plant and the coupling of several plants controls the production capacities.

Cost control through modularity

The modular design of our chemical plants and their scalability keep planning and construction efforts manageable. Short manufacturing and installation times reinforce an attractive cost-benefit-ratio.

Technological head start

The first industrial-scale chemical plants are already in operation, and further - much larger plants - are being planned and implemented. The level of our technological readiness is unmatched worldwide.

How to get your plant

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Since our technology is modular and scalable, the PtX plant can be tailored and designed entirely to your needs.

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We build your PtX plant. From the very first idea to the ramp-up of production, we accompany you through all project phases.