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Our plants produce e-Chemicals for everyday products such as cosmetics and medical supplies with climate-neutral energy.


Through defossilation and decarbonization, our plants produce e-Chemicals for everyday products with climate-neutral energy. We aim to create the next era with less chemical waste and more climate protection.

CO2-neutral chemical feedstock

CO₂-neutral chemical feedstock

Our chemical feedstocks (waxes and methanol) are derived from recycled CO2 and renewable energy. They form the ideal starting point for developing sustainable chemical products

Only Pro’s, no Con’s

Sustainable raw materials for the chemical industry

The transformation of the chemical industry leads via defossilization and decarbonization. CO2 recycling via PtX produces sustainable chemical feedstocks.

Moving away from fossil raw materials

Synthetic, CO2-neutral crude oils decouple the chemical industry from fossil raw materials. They contribute to climate protection and guarantee the production of important substances and products.

REACH-compliant raw materials

The sustainable chemicals produced in our plants are registered under REACH and can be marketed throughout Europe accordingly.

Reliable outlook

CO2 and renewable energy: These two central components of our synthetic chemicals can be recycled. Unlike finite fossil energy sources and raw materials. Once production is under control, availability and prices remain stable.

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