Sustainable at Sea - e-Fuels in Shipping


Shipping is one of the cornerstones of global trade and the worldwide economy. However, like nearly every other sector, it faces a significant challenge: the urgent need for more environmentally friendly solutions to reduce its CO2 emissions and minimize its environmental impact. In this regard, e-Fuels are gaining importance.

The advantages of e-Fuels in shipping: 

Environmentally Friendly: e-Fuels are nearly CO2-neutral when produced using renewable energy and recycled CO2. They contribute to reducing overall CO2 emissions in the shipping industry. 

Compatible: e-Fuels are compatible with existing ship engines and infrastructure. Ships can operate with sustainable synthetic fuels without major investments. 

Globally Available: e-Fuels can be produced in many places around the world, known as "Sweetspots." This allows them to be used for refueling ships at various locations worldwide or transported to their point of use. This helps maintain and sustain the transportation infrastructure. 

Since the beginning of 2022, MPC (Münchenmeyer Petersen & Co. GmbH) has been supporting INERATEC in their role as an investor. The globally active corporate group includes subsidiaries and holdings in areas such as asset and investment management, shipping, shipbuilding, industrial services, and project development, especially in the field of renewable energy. This makes MPC an ideal partner for INERATEC. 

In 2023, MPC signed an Off-Take Agreement for products from the pioneering plant in Frankfurt am Main. This technology enables them to reduce their CO2 emissions and actively contribute to sustainable mobility. 


Container ship that could run on e-Fuels from INERATEC in the future
Container ship that could run on e-fuels from INERATEC in the future

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