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Our e-Fuel plant in Frankfurt is setting new global standards, not only in size and production capacity but also in pioneering the construction of the first e-Fuels storage facility right on site. Efficient tank storage is crucial for ensuring a smooth supply chain and continuous provision of drop-in sustainable fuels to maritime transport, aviation, and road transport. The Hessian Ministry of Economic Affairs is supporting the construction of the tank storage with approximately €1.1 million, thus significantly aiding the scaling of e-Fuel production technology.

Building the e-Fuel infrastructure

The construction and operation of a PtL plant coupled with a sustainable tank storage for effective deployment of e-Fuels significantly advances the development of e-Fuel infrastructure. This creates an important innovation hub that substantially drives the availability of sustainable fuels for mobility. At the same time, it enables us to gather experience in building this infrastructure and use this knowledge for future global expansion to make sustainable fuels available to everyone. 

What other advantages does the tank storage offer?

Storage capacity: A tank storage facility provides an opportunity to store the synthetic products. This enables continuous production, which can be carried out in line with the transport of synthetic fuels and raw materials to their respective application and processing steps. 

Flexibility: Furthermore, a tank storage facility offers the possibility to store different products separately, such as fuel and wax-like raw materials. The products are stored in their transportable form. Thus creating greater flexibility in production and for transportation.  

Logistics: By integrating the tank storage directly at the production site, energy products can be transported directly to their application areas. This reduces transportation effort and increases delivery efficiency. Existing and known transport routes for the application areas are utilized, eliminating additional logistical challenges. 

We are proud to advance on this significant path and move one step closer to the global availability of our products. 


First module of INERATECs e-Fuel pioneer plant in Frankfurt Hoechst
First module of INERATECs e-Fuel pioneer plant in Frankfurt Hoechst

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