INERATEC and COPEC enter strategic partnership to spearhead e-Fuel availability in Chile

INERATEC and COPEC enter strategic partnership to spearhead e-Fuel availability in Chile

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Karlsruhe/ Germany, Santiago / Chile, 29. May 2024 – Chile's premier fuel distributor COPEC and the German e-Fuel leader INERATEC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalize their dedication to sustainable energy and especially sustainable fueling solutions. The partners will cooperate to potentially construct and operate a Power-to-Liquid plant in Chile, which aims to produce 3,500 tons per annum of e-Fuels. This plant is intended to not only cater to local demands but also target global markets, potentially solidifying Chile's position as a hub for renewable fuel production.

This collaboration builds up on both companies’ dedication to sustainably transform the Chilean energy market. On one hand, it aims to leverage COPEC’s substantial market presence, covering 60% of Chile's diesel distribution, to ensure local and global availability of e-Fuels. On the other hand, it reinforces INERATEC's activities of building Power-to-X plants in Chile.

Tim Boeltken, CEO of INERATEC, expressed enthusiasm about the venture, stating:

"Our collaboration with COPEC is a pivotal step in scaling up the production and availability of e-Fuels globally. COPEC’s infrastructure and market reach in Chile provide a robust foundation for this initiative. Together, we are set to drive a significant shift towards sustainable energy solutions in the mobility sector, aligning with global carbon reduction goals." - Tim Boeltken, CEO of INERATEC

From COPEC’s perspective, this partnership is a strategic alignment with their vision for innovation and sustainability. Arturo Natho, Copec CEO, highlighted that

"At Copec, we are continuously innovating and seeking sustainable fuel solutions to enhance mobility for individuals, provide energy for key industries, and address the challenges of climate change. This commitment drives us to collaborate with leading global energy startups, enabling us to introduce cutting-edge technologies and innovations to Chile. Our partnership with INERATEC exemplifies this effort, and we look forward to progressing further with this significant project." - Arturo Natho, CEO of Copec

The planned facility, which would be built and operated by INERATEC, is intended to extend the company’s already substantial activities in Chile. Strategic partnerships with the National Petroleum company ENAP, and renowned construction and engineering company Ferrostaal Chile strengthen the entire value chain from production to distribution. This integrated approach ensures a sustainable and scalable model for 
e-Fuel production, critical for meeting the increasing global demand. 

This MoU marks another momentous milestone in the adoption of e-Fuels to drive impactful environmental and economic change.



Copec S.A, a Chilean fuel distribution company founded in October 1934, has played a significant role in advancing the development and mobility of individuals, businesses, and the nation. As one of the largest companies in Chile, Copec endeavors to utilize its extensive national presence to propel the country's energy transition towards a more sustainable future. This involves broadening its range of innovative solutions in fuels, renewable energies, e-mobility, and convenience, all aimed at addressing both current and future needs of the Chilean populace.

The company boasts the largest network of fuel stations and convenience stores in Chile. Additionally, Copec holds a majority ownership stake in Organización Terpel S.A., headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, which in Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Dominican Republic.

INERATEC is a pioneer in the field of Power-to-Liquid applications. The company supplies sustainable e-fuels as well as chemical products. Modular chemical plants for power-to-X and gas-to-liquid applications use hydrogen from renewable electricity and greenhouse gases such as CO2 to produce e-kerosene, CO2-neutral gasoline, clean diesel or synthetic waxes, methanol or SNG. Founded in 2016, INERATEC has already implemented industrial-scale power-to-liquid plants at German sites to boost the availability of sustainable fuels and chemicals in various transport sectors such as aviation. Further information can be found via 



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