Meet the plant manager of our pioneer project!


Michael Riedinger has been part of the INERATEC team since February 2023. The 32-year-old previously studied chemical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where he collected years of experience in the development and operation of modular power-to-X plants before joining INERATEC. As Plant Manager of our eFuel plant, which is currently under construction at Industrial Park Höchst in Frankfurt, he has taken on a central role in this pioneer project. Michael is leading the mechanical completion of the power-to-X plant, coordinating its commissioning and setting up the site infrastructure in Frankfurt. In the future, he will be responsible for the operation and optimization of the process flows in continuous operation. When asked what is so special about the project for himself, he answers: "I see it as a rare opportunity to be able to accompany and help shape an innovative pilot project like this from the ground-breaking ceremony onwards. Not only is Ineratec growing as acompany with the project, but so am I personally."

Plant Manager for INERATECs e-Fuel plant in Frankfurt (Main).
Michael Riedinger, Plant Manager for INERATECs e-Fuel plant in Frankfurt (Main) in front of a plant unit.

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