Meet the manager of our pioneer project!


"I am particularly excited about on-site visits: on the one hand, to observe the progress of the plant manufacturing in our production hall in Karlsruhe, and on the other hand, to accompany the construction progress at the plant site in Frankfurt. Physically witnessing the progress clearly demonstrates the pioneering work we are doing to advance e-fuel production."

Christina Braumüller is the manager and head of our pioneering project in Frankfurt. She explains why this e-fuel plant is so significant for Ineratec: "Our project in Frankfurt is the first where Ineratec is primarily responsible for the entire site. In addition, as the operator of the power-to-liquid plant, we will supply major consumers in aviation, mobility, and shipping with sustainable e-fuels." The project is also very special to her personally. "From the beginning, I have experienced at Ineratec that if you want to contribute, you are given the opportunity and necessary trust to do so."

Now, the 29-year-old chemical engineer leads the industrial project, which involves building the world's largest power-to-liquid plant. "On the one hand, through the project, we come into contact with experts and partners from various fields, including authorities, service providers, and suppliers who support us in our construction project. On the other hand, the project also allows me to work directly with so many colleagues in our constantly growing team. This makes my work as a project manager extremely diverse, and every day brings something new."

Christina has been part of the INERATEC team since 2016 and has grown together with the company over the years. "Working at Ineratec is definitely characterized by team spirit and enthusiasm for the cause, which is lived here, and everyone gladly makes their individual contribution. I greatly appreciate that and it motivates me to give my full commitment every day. With the construction and operation of this e-fuel plant, we are one big step closer to our goal of making mobility more climate-friendly."