Impower2X - a pathfinder for the e-Fuel pioneer plant


Over two years ago, the EUROPEAN INNOVATION COUNCIL (EIC) granted INERATEC a funding of around 2.5 million euros under its Accelerator Program "Industrial Leadership". These have been used for upscaling, replicating and implementing of power-to-X plants for the industrial production of e-Fuels.

The following three objectives were addressed within the funded project IMPOWER2X:

  1. 1.    Design Optimisation and upscaling of the reactor modules and modular plants
  2. 2.    Developing a concept for the implementation of the serial production
  3. 3.    Initiating the business implementation


After the completion of the project, we can now proudly say: We have achieved these goals!  
From the standardization of our engineering and the upscaling concepts as well as the conceptualization of the serial production, up to the validation of this development work - we were able to successfully complete all these important steps in the past 2 years. Thus, we are already in the middle of the implementation and validation of these results. And INERATEC itself has also grown. Thanks to the project funding, we were able to double the size of our production area in Karlsruhe and enlarge our team significantly.

The grant of the REACH licensing and the BImSchG permit were also important steps on the way to upscaling. Furthermore, INERATEC was able to establish itself on the international market within the last two years and to initiate new business opportunities in sweet spots like Chile, Japan, the Netherlands, and Australia.  

IMPOWER2X has made an important contribution to INERATEC's business expansion. With this funding, we were able to finance significant parts of the engineering and development tasks for the industrial scaling of our modular power-to-X technology.

These results and development work are now being validated with our pioneering project in Frankfurt Höchst. The industrial plant marks the culmination of INERATEC's exploitation strategy for IMPOWER2X project results. Our pioneer plant will be the first industrial plant worldwide to produce CO2-neutral synthetic fuels for shipping and aviation via the power-to-liquid process.