INERATEC’s products now registered across Europe

IMPORTANT MILESTONE: INERATEC’s products now registered across Europe

With the REACH registration INERATEC’s sustainable e-fuels and materials now ready for placement on the market


INERATEC has successfully completed the REACH registration for its major Power-to-Liquid products, namely Fischer-Tropsch (FT) oil, and paraffinic as well as hydrocarbon waxes, made from CO2 and green hydrogen. The REACH registration is essential for the permission to produce and distribute chemical goods in Europe. INERATEC is amongst few companies in Europe with a registration in this field. It strengthens INERATEC’s position as a pioneer in the provision of those e-fuels and materials. Certifications play an important role regarding credibility in the sustainable fuels market. With the REACH registration, INERATEC has passed an important milestone.

The FT products can be upgraded into clean Diesel for maritime applications or synthetic SAF that have drop-in characteristics and can substitute regular fuels made from fossil crude oil.

Right now, a lot of base chemicals are made from fossil crude oil. But to reach the Paris Climate Goals, we need to end the dependency on fossil ressources. This does not only apply for the use of fuels in transport and mobility , but also for the chemical industry. Fuels, but also chemicals from the Power-to-Liquid process will shift mobility and the chemical industry towards sustainable materials: while the fuels are nearly climate-neutral, the waxes can bind CO2 for a longer period of time when used in cosmetics, coatings (such as paints) or rubber-based products (such as tires).

The concept for the REACH registration of INERATEC’s products was established within the EU funded project IMPOWER2X.