Completion of the first e-fuel plant module!


The first module of our e-Fuel pioneer plant was picked up from the INERATEC headquarters in Karlsruhe after a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). It was then transported to its destination in the Industrial Park Frankfurt Höchst, where it is now being installed and getting ready for operation - a pivotal moment for our pioneer project and thus for the future of sustainable e-Fuels!  
The further modules will complete the pioneer system in the next steps. Thanks to our modular approach, the first modules can already be installed while others are still in manufacturing or undergoing FAT.
Step by step, the modules will be delivered and installed until the beginning of next year. In 2024, this facility will transition into operation and produce up to 2.500 tons of sustainable e-Fuel annually, recycling up to 8,000 tons of CO2 in the production process. Each litre of e-Fuel directly replaces one litre of fossil fuel. This way, we succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and their negative impact on our climate, reduce the need for fossil crude oil and actively defossilize mobility! Follow along our exciting journey:


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