Plant Commissioning in Hamburg started


Plant Commissioning in Hamburg started

Industrial Power-to-Liquid demonstration plant


INERATEC starts with commissioning of a second demonstration plant in Hamburg.


Karlsruhe, Germany, 02. March 2022 – In Hamburg, the commissioning phase for INERATEC's second industrial-scale power-to-liquid plant begins. From CO2 and renewable hydrogen, the pilot plant on the production site of Hansen & Rosenthal (H&R) will soon produce sustainable chemicals and e-fuels. For the first time, sustainable waxes will be supplied to the chemical industry on a large scale from this plant.


INERATEC is building the demonstration plant in Hamburg at the Hansen&Rosenthal production site. Renewable hydrogen from an existing electrolysis as well as biogenic CO2 is used to produce synthetic fuels and chemicals. By commissioning the plant, INERATEC is supporting H&R on its way to switching to sustainable products.


A power-to-liquid plant of this size delivers up to 350 tons of sustainable products annually. In addition to the production of e-fuels, the focus is particularly on the production of synthetic waxes. They are used in various customer industries ranging from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to food packaging - areas that can be made climate-neutral in the long term through the use of synthetic base products.


e-Fuels will be used primarily in transport sectors that will remain heavily dependent on liquid fuels in the future. These include aviation in particular, but also shipping. There, the alternative fuel made from CO2 and renewable hydrogen can make a significant contribution to achieving climate targets. The fuels from Hamburg are marketed by P2X-Europe, a joint venture between the Hamburg-based companies H&R and Mabanaft.


Following delivery of the first pilot plant in Emsland, INERATEC is once again positioning itself as a solution provider for the supply of alternative fuels and chemical feedstocks. "With the delivery of the first pilot plant in Werlte, we have proven our innovative strength as a plant manufacturer. With this second power-to-liquid plant, we are now paving the way to become the leading supplier of sustainable products from recycled CO2 and renewable hydrogen," says Managing Director Philipp Engelkamp.


Plant Commissioning in Hamburg started
Plant Commissioning in Hamburg started

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