International E-Fuel Conference: INERATEC Leading the Way in e-Fuel Production and Global Networking

Within the framework of iaa mobility 2023 in Munich, German Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing has invited to an International e-Fuel Conference. A meeting of experts from industry and academia as well as politicians from 11 countries that highlighted the global ramp-up and deployment of synthetic fuels based on electricity and CO2. It became clear that e-Fuels will shape the fossil-free future of aviation, shipping and road transport. Global production and use of these innovative fuels is needed to meet increasing demand.

INERATEC is playing a key role in this revolution. An e-Fuel plant is being built at industrial park Frankfurt (Höchst) that will supply the transportation sector with 3.5 million liters of sustainable fuel annually. The company is also driving the development of e-fuel production facilities in South America. Projects in Chile and other initiatives throughout the Latin American region are already in the pipeline. On a global level, INERATEC is establishing business relationships in key power-to-X regions such as Japan and the Netherlands.

Philipp Engelkamp, COO and Managing Director of INERATEC, emphasizes the importance of international exchange:

"A big stone has been set rolling with the conference. We are the ones who can achieve the greatest decarbonization effects of e-fuels for aviation and shipping, but also for road transport. Our mission is clear: we're making mobility fossil-free."

A key topic of the conference was the need for internationally harmonized regulation with regard to trade, processing and distribution of e-Fuels. INERATEC welcomes this call and considers the conference a milestone to accelerate the sustainable transformation with synthetic fuels. With the clear goal of driving the decarbonization of aviation and marine transport, INERATEC underlines its ambitions in the most promising areas of the e-Fuels market and invites all stakeholders to join forces on the road to a greener mobility future. 


Isabel Fisch
Communication & PR Manager
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