German e-fuel production technology to enter Japan and Asian-pacific market

Karlsruhe (Germany), Yokohama (Japan), 21st September 2022

German Clean Tech Company INERATEC GmbH joins forces with leading Japanese Engineering Company Chiyoda Corporation

INERATEC goes global to establish industrial Power-to-Liquid projects in Japan and the Asia-Pacific.

The German Clean Tech company INERATEC GmbH (INERATEC) goes global by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Japanese Engineering company Chiyoda Corporation (Chiyoda). Together, they are looking to enter the Japanese and Asian-pacific market in the effort to establish joint e-fuel (*) projects. The partners will promote INERATEC’s innovative Power-to-X (PtX) technology in an emerging, yet untapped market.

By combining Chiyoda’s extensive supplier network and project execution expertise with INERATEC’s leading PtX technology producing sustainable e-fuels and chemicals from CO2 and renewable hydrogen, the signatories are addressing the global requirement for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, and the growing demand for technologies that deliver such alternatives.

PtX is an emerging market and there is significant potential to apply German technology through global partnerships in the construction of high value e-fuel projects in Japan and the Asia-Pacific to meet Climate Goals.

“This is a pioneering step to unlocking the Japanese and Asia-Pacific market. We are very excited to take this step with a strong international partner, such as Chiyoda. The technology has the potential to globally shift huge industries from fossil energy sources to a climate-friendly future”, explains Tim Böltken, managing director of INERATEC.

“As a leading Japanese Engineering company, we have a responsibility in achieving sustainable economic growth and carbon neutrality in Japan and the Asia-Pacific through the energy transition. With INERATEC’s innovative PtX technology platform, Chiyoda’s world-class engineering capabilities and our collective track records in real-world project execution, we are keen to deliver sustainable e-fuel projects, eg: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), that contribute to the decarbonization of Japan and the Asia-Pacific”, explained Kimiho Sakurai, Associate Director of Chiyoda.

Figure 1 – Production of e-fuels from Renewable Electricity
Figure 1 – Production of e-fuels from Renewable Electricity

* As shown in Figure 1 below, e-fuels are produced from renewable electricity, eg: solar power, wind energy or hydropower. The electricity is used to produce green hydrogen via electrolysis. Together with the greenhouse gas CO2, synthetic fuels are then produced in the power to liquid process, i.e.: sustainable e-kerosene, climate-neutral gasoline or clean diesel.


Figure 2 – An industrial-scale container size Power-to-Liquid plant module (refer to Step ( in Figure 1) by INERATEC.
Figure 2 – An industrial-scale container size Power-to-Liquid plant module (refer to Step ( in Figure 1) by INERATEC.

INERATEC GmbH is a pioneer in the field of Power-to-Liquid applications. The company supplies sustainable fuels and chemical products. Modular chemical plants for power-to-X and gas-to-liquid applications use hydrogen from renewable electricity and greenhouse gases such as CO2 to produce e-kerosene, CO2-neutral gasoline, clean diesel or synthetic waxes, methanol or SNG. Founded in 2016, INERATEC has already implemented industrial-scale power-to-liquid plants at German sites to boost the availability of sustainable fuels and chemicals in various transport sectors such as aviation. For further information, refer to

Chiyoda Corporation is a world leading, fully integrated engineering company, with over seventy (70) years worldwide project experience, providing services including consulting, planning, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance for facilities related to gas, electricity, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, antipollution, environment, preservation and others. Chiyoda’s research and development supports carbon neutrality and the global drive towards a sustainable future including, for example, ‘in-house’ developed proven SPERA Hydrogen technology for the supply of low carbon hydrogen to produce e-fuel in countries such as Japan. For further information, refer to

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